About Us

The purpose of Njóttu ferðalagsins (Enjoy the Journey) is to strengthen individuals and improve communities.

The owners are Gudjon Svansson and Vala Mörk. They have lived together for about 30 year, have four sons and one grandchild. Together they have travelled the world and have learned much from the people and the places they have visited.

Gudjon Svansson likes to motivate and encourage people through writing and speaking. He moves a lot, mostly outdoors and loves participating in Spartan Races.

Vala is the head coach of Kettlebells Iceland, a training club she owns and runs together with her husband. She is very much involved with myofascial release therapy, a good combination with the kettlebell training.


Njóttu ferðalagsins (Enjoy the Journey)

Address: Engjavegur 12, 270 Mosfellsbaer, Iceland

Phone: +354 857 1169

Emails: gudjon@njottuferdalagsins.is and vala@njottuferdalagsins.is

Kt. 710102-2870 (Intercultural Communication á Íslandi ehf)
Vsk nr: 73788